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Autor: Tom Phillips
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Veröffentlicht am: 20.08.2020
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ISBN / EAN: 9781472263209

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TRUTH: A hilarious journey through the most bizarre and brilliant lies told by humans through the ages, from the author of HUMANS: A Brief History of How We F cked It All Up
'TOM PHILLIPS IS A VERY CLEVER, VERY FUNNY MAN' Greg Jenner This is a book about TRUTH - and all the ingenious ways, throughout history, that we've managed to avoid it. We live in a 'post-truth' age, we're told. The US has a president who openly lies on a daily basis (or who doesn't even know what's true, and doesn't care). The internet has turned our everyday lives into a misinformation battleground. People don't trust experts any more. But was there ever really a golden age of truth-telling? As the editor of the UK's leading independent fact-checker, Tom Phillips deals with complete bollocks every day. Here, he tells the story of how we humans have spent history lying to each other - and ourselves - and asks an important question: how can humanity move towards a truthier future? PRAISE FOR HUMANS: A BRIEF HISTORY OF HOW WE F CKED IT ALL UP: 'F cking brilliant' Sarah Knight, The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F ck 'Very funny' Mark Watson 'In dark times, it's reassuring to learn that we've always been a bunch of clueless f cking nitwits' Stuart Heritage, Don't Be a Dick, Pete 'A light-touch history of moments when humans have got it spectacularly wrong... Both readable and entertaining' Telegraph


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