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Developing Writing Strategies for Professionals

Guenther:Developing Writing Strategies
Autor: John Guenther
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ISBN / EAN: 9783639413601

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Revision with unchanged content. The architect and the urban planner express ideas within conceptual and graphical frameworks but are constrained by a dearth of academic and generic composition training. Outside of university English departments, composition pedagogy has been largely unexplored even though the ability to communicate through writing is crucial in virtually all academic disciplines. This study probes the complexity of assigning value to various characteristics of writing in the field of urban planning and architecture. The major question is: can performance-oriented writing descriptors be determined and described from the communication strategies of successful architects and planners? If so, these descriptors can be used to develop desired learning outcomes in the academic training of college students and professionals. The book will be of value to professionals in many disciplines including urban planning, architecture, medical, engineering, law, and business management; and researchers in Rhetoric, Communications, English, Education, Linguistics, Writing Across the Curriculum, Urban Planning and Architecture.


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