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Optical and Radiometric Properties of the PtSi/p Si Composites.

Hendricks:Optical and Radiometric Prope
Autor: Alphonso Hendricks
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ISBN / EAN: 9783639196412

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The study involves an attempt to increase the internal quantum efficiencies of PtSi/Si(100) by a novel micro-structural composite arrangement of the platinium silicide particles (50 190 nm in size) dispersed uniformly within a p-type silicon matrix. These dispersed PtSi particles form Schottky barriers of a large total area within a relatively small volume element. These matrix structures have the potential of being employed as infrared detectors in the 3 5 um range, operating at temperatures well above that of liquid nitrogen. Since these detectors are grown on a silicon wafer base, it augurs well for integrating these detectors into microelectronic devices. Annealing times ranged from three to ninety minutes, at a variety of temperatures ranging between 500 and 800 oC, in order to promote the growth of the PtSi phase structure with a variety of grain sizes. During the processing of the sample into an IR sensor device, the samples were characterized by optical as well as electrical measurements. Once processed, these infrared sensor devices were subjected to blackbody radiation in order to ascertain which configuration delivered the most efficient quantum efficiency.


Autor Verlag VDM Verlag Dr. Müller
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