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Low Income and Healthy Eating

Alliston:Low Income and Healthy Eating
Autor: Gary Alliston
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This study follows 17 participants as they live on a §budget representative of the average expenditure of §20% of the UK population. This group represent those §on the lowest income and is designed to highlight §difficulties practically and nutritionally in §meeting Dietary Reference Values (DRV''s). The budget §of Pds. 15.97 per person is based on the National §Statistics Expenditure and Food Survey 2005 and from §the study the food allowance is insufficient for §achieving nutritional recommendations. The study §questions whether UK government benefits suffice the §needs of those in need of them and the financial §knowledge of those on benefits. The participants §whom where not from this bracket of low income §households struggled with the transition from their §usual income to their dramatically reduced budget. §In the current economic climate this change could §become reality as job losses result in lower income §and therefore struggles to adapt to financial §restrictions and the other problems related.


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