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Revival of Arab-Islamic Heritage

Mohd. Shamsuddin:Revival of Arab-Islami
Autor: Salahuddin Mohd. Shamsuddin
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It is clear that the development of heritage cannot be achieved through the ready-made solutions taken from the continuous past, without any adjustment as the requirements of age, as well as we cannot cut off our connection to the past in any way, but the development of heritage can be achieved through the conciliation between the (constant) and (variable), as we see in the theory of Muhammad Iqbal: The life has two faces, the constant face, which has the stability and a moving variable, and kaleidoscopic face, which is unstable. The first side is the doctrine of monotheism and the second side is the image of diligence: (Al-Ijtihad). Islam reconciled between these two sides of the life. In one hand Islam gave us some valuable, inclusive and comprehensive immortal assets and principles. We can be able to prove our existence in this changing world by them. In the other hand Islam gave us the freedom to develop those assets and principles to build a healthy beneficial system through the diligence: (Al-Ijtihad). The life of Islamic religion is based on the mixing between the constant and variable. If Islam remains on this mixing, there will be a progress every moment.


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