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Image Face Recognition Through Somatology

Dubey:Image Face Recognition Through So
Autor: Sipi Dubey
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ISBN / EAN: 9783639340488

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Our system is a feature based face recognition system; a successful face recognition system depends heavily on the particular choice of the features used by the recognition system. We have selected features through Somatology which are the divisions of anthropology. chapter1: covers background and Introduction. Chapter2: explains how to extract the features for the database through a mouse click in the form of digital values of coordinates, for the purpose of further calculations. Chapter:3 The purpose is to enroll all the subjects(20) with their authentic indices. Chapter4: tells for recognizing a face we have used Neural Network tool of Mat Lab. The database of indices will work as input for Feed forward back propagation network [Newff].Chapter:5&6 is verification through various methods Selection of the proper threshold value for the distance with the different subjects provided us the number of FAR cases and on the other hand Selection of the proper threshold value for the distance with the same subjects provided us the number of FRR cases. Chapter7: Comparison of all the three accuracies with each other, concludes the book.


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