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Expanding the Conscious World

Schneeberger:Expanding the Conscious Wo
Autor: Susan Schneeberger
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ISBN / EAN: 9783844394542

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The spontaneous occurrence of expanded states of consciousness is more common than most people may think. Being in nature, meditating, or simply going through the day's activities may be associated with a sudden shift in awareness that brings a joyous feeling of connection and truth. These experiences have been reported since the earliest times, and throughout the world, by people with all spiritual beliefs, as well as those who have none. This book describes the history, philosophy, exploration, and possible meanings of these moments of expansion. It also presents the results of a research study conducted by the author suggesting that those having this experience have an increased compassion for self and others, a greater sense of connection with all life, and a fervent desire to bring back into the world the insights gained during the experience. It is suggested that states of expanded perspective are a normal aspect of human development, and may be one indication of a paradigm shift as human consciousness evolves. The book should be of interest to scholars, practitioners, and anyone interested in the discovery of maximum human potential.


Autor Verlag Dictus Publishing
ISBN / EAN 9783844394542 Bindung Taschenbuch

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