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Globalisation, Local Content Policy and Youth Culture in Zimbabwe

Mabika:Globalisation, Local Content Pol
Autor: Memory Mabika
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Television has ideological and hegemonic functions which have come to dominate the life styles of the youths on issues of dress styles, musical tastes and language, thus threatening and weakening the long established local cultures. Several media theorists, amongst them Sociologists, have been highly critical about the effects of television on the population as a monological, mediated quasi-interaction technology. The book critically analyse the impact of using the local content policy in reducing television cultural influences on youth in a globalised world, an area which has very little academic literature. The book utilises the cultivation theory, the theory of hegemony and the uses and gratification theory. The concept of hegemony which has been widely used in media studies and other areas of sociology emerged as an analytical tool capable of laying bare the contestation between the dominant global ideology, culture and beliefs and resistance spearheaded by the local content policy in Zimbabwe. This study cuts across various disciplines which primarily include Media Studies and media Sociology.


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