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Autobiographical Memory and Emotional Disorders

Dickson:Autobiographical Memory and Emo
Autor: Janet Dickson
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Autobiographical memory overgenerality has been found§to influence depression and parasuicidal patients§fairly consistently, and for quite some years now.§However, anxiety disorder individuals have been found§to be quite specific in reporting their§autobiograpbical memories. Using the Clark and Wells'§(1995) model of social anxiety, with its focus on the§self at the centre of the disorder, this work has§established a direct link with overgenerality for§socially anxious sufferers. In an experimental§paradigm, participants were primed to self-focus§prior to completing Williams' (2002) autobiographical§memory task, to establish whether the same effect was§present as is typically the case for depressed§patients. The priming manipulation drew out the§overgenerality effect in the case of socially anxious§individuals. The consequence of this is strong§recommendations that the overgenerality dysfunction§of memory should be considered in terms of therapy§for social anxiety.


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