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Modeling of Lightning Strikes

Desai:Modeling of Lightning Strikes
Autor: Mayuri Desai
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ISBN / EAN: 9783639099973

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Lightning has been a global phenomenon observed for§thousands of years, and is yet not completely§understood by scientists. It is the characteristic§property of thunderstorms and even a slight rise in§air temperature at ground level leads to a furious§increase in the frequency of lightning during§thunderstorms. Lightning is becoming the leading§cause of weather related personal injuries; hence,§the study of lightning strike behavior with respect§to various parameters like strike time, geographical§distribution, and strength, apart from its§electromagnetic wave characteristics, has always been§a very challenging and interesting field to explore.§This book provides various new visualization and§statistical analysis algorithms developed to study§lightning strike data in a variety of ways with§respect to strike time, strength, and location. These§algorithms will definitely serve as a new insight for§upcoming students and research scientists to explore§the unknown facts of lightning strikes for§improving lightning protection on a global scale.


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