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The Power of Collaboration

Basiletti:The Power of Collaboration
Autor: Mari Basiletti
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ISBN / EAN: 9783639079982

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Intersectoral groups are often formed with the§intention of collaborating as equal partners to§create desired changes within communities. The§research described in this book explores§decision-making power as experienced by members of a§provincial working group as they engage in the§occupation of enabling change in housing systems and§policies for individuals with serious and persistent§mental illness. Qualitative methods and a single-case§study design were utilized. Eight members of the§working group participated as respondents in the§study. Data were collected through individual§interviews, focus groups, document review, and the§researcher s reflective journal. The findings§highlighted the strength and power of a small§collaboration of stakeholders to enable change. The§power differentials between service providers and§consumers within the group, and the impact of the§systemic environment on the group processes were§illustrated in the findings. The thesis concludes§with a discussion of the implications for§occupational therapy education and practice, and§recommendations for future research regarding the§concept of decision-making power within community§organizations.


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