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DataFlow JavaBeans

Morrison:DataFlow JavaBeans
Autor: Alan Morrison
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Social network research would bene t greatly if we changed some of the goals we have for our software. A software development framework fostering collaboration and cumulativity would make the greatest use of the limited nancial and time resources available to our research community. The analyses we perform should not only be more easily shared, but also more easily visualized, taught, recorded, and openly developed. Javabean architecture o ers a place to start. In this dissertation I demonstrate some beans I ve written for social network analysis called Soc-net beans and their use in one graphical development environment called Geo-Vista Studio. Soc-net beans can log their activity, and have a standardized, thread-safe data processing cycle based on two parent classes written for this project. Function Bean and StackLogger. These parent classes speed development of beans used in data ow designs programs which run data through a series of transformations.


Autor Verlag VDM Verlag Dr. Müller
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