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Metallic Nanostructures on Surfaces

Kerner:Metallic Nanostructures on Surfa
Autor: Gabriel Kerner
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ISBN / EAN: 9783639149463

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Heterogeneous catalysis is crucial in many industrial§processes. Particle size effects can influence the§catalytic behavior significantly, and is a central§question in catalytic research as to how this can be§exploited to improve activity and selectivity of a§supported catalyst. The formation and size§distribution of those metallic clusters is driven by§diffusion, coalescence and sintering phenomena. An§innovative method for buffer mediated deposition of§metal on surfaces is developed, which presents the§opportunity to create, characterize and study those§processes on supported model catalysts (nano-clusters).§This method, ranked among the Scientific American§"Top 50" in 2004, is also used to form submicron§range variable width conducting wires, using§macroscopic scale laser patterning. This is a§parallel "writing" procedure, at the size of a laser§beam. The technique is an attractive method for the§deposition of periodic and more complex patterns of§conducting wires at widths below the current limits.§It is discussed as a potential alternative for§standard photo-lithography, promising a cleaner, cost§effective and more environmentally friendly procedure.


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