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Peace Education

Schroder:Peace Education
Autor: Carlo Schroder
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The paper discusses how peace education is and can be a major tool for humanity to go beyond the current culture of contest and violence, and move towards an ever advancing civilization in which a culture of peace and cooperation unfolds. The dissertation defines the culture of contest and violence that is present in both developing and the developed world, and seeks to offer a feasible vision for world peace. For the vision of peace to become a reality however mindsets and worldviews, so far negatively effected by the culture of contest, need to be transformed. This on the other hand can be done through a qualitative peace education implemented world wide. Such education must be holistic and integrative in nature, must view education as occurring inside as well as outside the classroom, and should teach peace and unity for all school subjects and aspects of life. Therefore it is not teaching of knowledge and skills alone that will empower a person. Empowerment of people, enabling them to transcend their own limitations is dependent on the whole educational experience. It is this educational experience that peace education must offer.


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