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Gender Dynamics in Islam

Mansoor:Gender Dynamics in Islam
Autor: Sumayya Mansoor
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The topic of gender in Islam is a contentious one. Here, the author explores the gender dynamics in Islam as well as the Muslim women's struggle for gender equality. This study posits that although the religion of Islam encourages the equality between men and women, it appears that men are still given the level of superiority in the religion. Whether this right is given to men through the Shariah (Islamic law), or whether they simply assume the role of superiority is not clear. Therefore this book serves to focus on the Muslim women's perceptions of the gender dynamics with in the religion of Islam. A main finding is that Islam is not always practiced as it was intended due to the patriarchal society therefore resulting in women being oppressed. From the analysis one can infer that many Muslim women acknowledge that they are given choice and freedom within their religion. This book highlights the gender dynamics in Islam as well as the Muslim women's struggle for gender equality, and should be especially helpful to women striving for empowerment, as well as agents for change and empowerment.


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