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Fiction and Reality

Malki:Fiction and Reality
Autor: Norah Al Malki
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The Arabian ''Other'' in T. E. Lawrence''s (1888-1935) §SPW(1935) is practically not Arabian; not even §strikes one as Eastern except at few occasions. §Lawrence''s travel account is full of falsifications §and fictions that contribute to destroying the §Arabian image. SPW presents its main hero under the §dual influence of war and cultural alienation, hence §it is more of one man s life than a historical §account of the Arabian revolution. Consequently, §terms like "ambiguous", "inconsistent" §and "contestable" best describe Lawrence''s Arabian §image. His reconstructed reality is never at any §one time immune against falling apart as the author §introduces or destroys patterns with which he §charters the foreign world. These patterns, in §fact, never succeed in retaining the spirit of the §world inspected. Instead, they emphasize the §traveler''s reflective and critical appreciation of §his ''Self'' drawing mystifyingly on the Other''s §mythical or stereotypical status.


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