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Epidemiology of human rabies with reference to animal bite

KUMAR:Epidemiology of human rabies with
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Human rabies is cent percent fatal disease of antiquity. It is acute encephalitis with fatal outcome and no effective cure.Prevention by immunization is the onlysolution as on date and the problem assumes significance due to fact that India continues to contribute 4 out of 5 rabies deaths in the world.Present study revealed the number of animal bite cases is on increasing trend while number of human rabies patient was static. There was uneven and irregular monthly distribution of human rabies patients.Males were more vulnerable than females.Children rabies cases were crucial as more number cases were converted into rabies cases. Rural and illiterate people were mostly victims. People working in fields i.e. farmers and labour are affected most is noteworthy.It was crystal clear that dog bitten cases were highest among animal bite as well as rabies cases. Class III degree bite was at most risk to get converted into human rabies cases.95% of victims were not taken any post-bite vaccination.Hydrophobia and aerophobia were pathognomonic signs shown by all victims.4.5% cases died of neuroparalysis due to Nerve tissue vaccination complication.


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