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The Architecture of Human Greatness

Srikantia:The Architecture of Human Gre
Autor: Param Srikantia
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This book celebrates the beauty and elegance of people rising to greatness in the context of what may seem regular, outwardly mundane lives. It aspires to produce a breakthrough in our imagination by exploring alternatives to the standard notions of greatness that emphasize doing exceptional things to produce grand outcomes. The standard notions, overly focused on results, have contributed to the modern world's mad pursuit of wealth, power, and prestige. In contrast, it is by celebrating greatness irrespective of the scale or profitability of results that we can inhabit what is truly great in people. Through a combination of philosophical analyses and vignettes drawn from interviews with "regular" people, this book explores greatness as an enchanted way of being sourced from an inner flowering and grounded in the personal and the local. Intended for those interested in leadership development, this book explores implications for the organization sciences and argues that the failure to honor the inner world of people and their transcendental energy has led to mundane, exploitative workplaces, unresponsive to collective aspirations where human potential is unable to flourish.


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