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When Children Witness the Sacred

Blinston:When Children Witness the Sacr
Autor: Irene Blinston
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ISBN / EAN: 9783844326178

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This study explored the impacts, lifelong aftereffects, and aspects of disclosure pertaining to religious apparitions encountered during a person's childhood. The procedure consisted of 3 parts: (a) a questionnaire, (b) the creation of a creative expression piece and writing an autobiography, and (c) an interview with 1 participant. Participants were 23 adults (21 women and 2 men) ranging in age from 25 to 70 years. Participants claimed, that as children before the age of 13 years, to have witnessed or interacted with a religious apparition. The data collected were in two forms: (a) written autobiographies (n = 13) and (b) interviews (n = 1). Implications of the study show a need for training and education of health care providers (physical and mental), educators, clergy, spiritual guides, and parents in order to provide a better understanding of this phenomenon so they may aid experiencers in the assimilation and integration of their religious apparition encounters. Therefore, people in the aforementioned roles may find this study helpful. Adults who feel they have experienced a religious apparition, especially as children, may also find this study of interest.


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