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Stay with Me

Percontino:Stay with Me
Autor: Toni Ann Percontino
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Artikelnummer: 1087736
ISBN / EAN: 9783845445731

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When Toni Ann returns to the small town of Monte San Giacomo, Italy for summer vacation, she intends on avoiding Gaetano, her ex-boyfriend whose calls she has ignored for the past six months. Trying to avoid another short lived relationship, Toni Ann finds it much more difficult then she had imagined trying to resist Gaetano s sweet demeanor and their natural connection for one another. She is forced to deal with a jealous best friend, Jackie who wants nothing more than to have a great guy like Gaetano for herself. Despite Jackie s flirting and obscure advances, Toni Ann and Gaetano spend a once in a lifetime summer together and share a love that will surpass a lifetime. Toni Ann is determined and willing to sacrifice everything to make her long distance relationship with Gaetano, the love of her life, work but nothing can prepare her for the life changing phone call she receives when she returns back home to New Jersey.


Autor Verlag JustFiction Edition
ISBN / EAN 9783845445731 Bindung Taschenbuch

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