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Adjustment Problems of Hearing Impaired Students - A Study

Pavan Kumar:Adjustment Problems of Hear
Autor: Yadavalli Pavan Kumar
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ISBN / EAN: 9783659309106

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Human life is the most precious creation of God. It has two aspects: biological and sociological. The biological aspect of human life is maintained and transmitted by nutrition and reproduction. The social aspect of human life is maintained and transmitted by education. Education is considered a vital process in social sense. Education includes three aspects of the child s development. It should meet, firstly his physical needs, secondly his intellectual needs and thirdly his social and emotional needs. Education is the key to success in most walks of life. It enlightens the people. Lack of education results in problems of sickness, mental ill-health and inadequate child care, thus, leading to much personal unhappiness and frustration for generations together. Deaf, dumb, blind cannot be educated with normal Children and they require special schools with different curriculum, methods of teaching and teachers. In any progressive nation, education plays a vital role to provide opportunities for the development of Potentialities of any individual, who, in turn, contribute for the development of the nation.


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ISBN / EAN 9783659309106 Bindung Taschenbuch

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