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2005 United Kingdom General Election Result in West Yorkshire

2005 United Kingdom General Election Re
Autor: Iustinus Tim Avery
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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. This is the collated results of the United Kingdom general election, 2005 in the non-metropolitan council area of West Yorkshire. The United Kingdom general election of 2005 was held on Thursday, 5 May 2005 to elect 646 members to the British House of Commons. The Labour Party under Tony Blair won its third consecutive victory, but with a majority of 66, reduced from 160. The Labour campaign emphasised a strong economy, however Blair had suffered a decline in popularity before the decision to send British troops to invade Iraq in 2003. The Conservative Party, led by Michael Howard campaigned on more traditional Conservative policies, such as immigration limits, improving poor hospital conditions and reducing high crime rates, all under the slogan 'Are you thinking what we're thinking?'. The Liberal Democrats, led by Charles Kennedy were staunchly opposed to the Iraq War and sought to collect votes from disenchanted Labour voters.


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