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Attitude of the Nagas towards the Non-Nagas

Mungleng:Attitude of the Nagas towards
Autor: Toreiphi Mungleng
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In today s globalizes world, the movement from one place to another by individuals has become a jet-setting phenomenon. And in this rat race, the communities of the students are not left behind. Students travel across miles to go to different places for the purpose of study, for whatever reasons best suited to them individually. And this movement of students from one place to another for the purpose of education is not a recent origin. It has been happening from times immemorial. And nowadays, many students from different backgrounds are coming to urban areas with a desire to acquire knowledge of their choice. And in doing so, they form an attitude towards the new environment. This is an established fact that this world is full of all kinds of differences, individual, social, cultural, climate, racial, linguistic, political, philosophical, geographical etc. As a result, an individual find himself/herself surrounded by these differences which may not be up to his/her liking and so attitudes are framed on the basis of their understanding towards the new environment.


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