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NGOs and the Politics of African Development

Opoku-Mensah:NGOs and the Politics of A
Autor: Paul Opoku-Mensah
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ISBN / EAN: 9783639167009

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At the height of the NGO Decade in African §Development, assertions were made that §NGOs were spearheading a fundamental realignment of §power relations in Africa. Yet two decades after §these assertions, very little empirical analyses §exist on how NGOs have restructured African §development politics. This is due to an NGO §research tradition that has neglected relational and §power issues. This book fills this gap by an §analysis of NGO-Government relations in Ghana. It §documents a significant shift in power with NGOs §becoming important actors in hitherto state-§dominated processes. Yet this is far §from an indigenous process of change as it is §heavily influenced and micromanaged by the aid §system. This raises important questions about the §assumption that changes in African politics is §essentially domestic driven and influenced by §African regime types. The study concludes with a §call to reshape the NGO-Government nexus in ways §that embeds it in the African context and realities, §legitimises the role of African States to control §Africa s development, and at the same time §guarantees the viability of NGOs as autonomous §development actors.


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