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Trust and engagement in discretionary extra-role behaviour

Sharkie:Trust and engagement in discret
Autor: Rob Sharkie
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The intellectual capital of an organisation is often §its most valuable asset and one of management s §enduring challenges is to understand how to capture, §develop and then exploit the knowledge that exists §in the organisation. The problem for management is §that the prerequisite behaviour by employees, such §as the sharing of constructive ideas and their §knowledge and the giving of loyalty, are not §generally seen as a necessary part of the role of §employees. This book is based on research on §employees in the public sector and shows that trust §is a very significant determinant of the level of §discretionary effort. The research findings identify §the factors or criteria that employees use to §determine their level of trust and in turn their §willingness to engage in discretionary effort and §share their expertise with others for the benefit of §the organisation. This study by identifying and §empirically testing and then ranking the importance §of factors that affect trust and discretionary §effort, provides management with the knowledge that §will enable them to most productively improve §employee perceptions of trust in the organisation.


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