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Crisis of Energy in India

Sharma:Crisis of Energy in India
Autor: Chandra Sharma
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ISBN / EAN: 9783848439430

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Accessibility, availability and acceptability- are the three pillars of the kingdom of energy. The world is inhabited with 7 billion people - rich and poor. The poor needs energy for sustenance while rich need it for sustenance, comfort and greed. Fossil fuels are limited and cause global warming. The only option left is renewable energy - carbon free and unlimited. India is discussed in more detail. Central Electricity Authority of the Government of India collects and maintains the data of power sector. Unfortunately the data need to be more dependable and accurate. Nuclear energy is a debatable subject. India is promoting nuclear energy under Indo-US deal. Electricity from nuclear fuel is not only dangerous but costly as compared to thermal energy. The studies were undertaken by the Government of India and all studies have confirmed that nuclear power is a costly proposition. India and the world should remember Three Mile Island, Chernobyle and Fukushima accidents before embarking on nuclear energy. The consumer can contribute in energy conservation through small contributions. A saving of one unit a day per consumer is a lot at the end


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