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Development of a Medium for Teaching Online Courses

Searchwell:Development of a Medium for
Autor: Louis Searchwell
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ISBN / EAN: 9783639155471

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This last decade has seen a noticeable rise in Online§systems which are generally used alongside specific§tools such as video and audio to deliver learning§over distance. However these systems have not reached§their expected potential for a number of reasons e.g.§lack of motivated users. Research into theories of§learning and technology and evaluation of a§'made for purpose' learning environment has§highlighted certain factors that contribute to this§failure. e.g. absence of pedagogy, lack of§understanding or an environment the does not allow§users to engage in higher level learning. This book§provides advice to tune a system to deal with these§issues by resolving the physical motivational &§psychological factors that prevent learning. It§approaches this through exploration of theories and§practice to determine those that readily lend§themselves to an E-learning environment. The outcome:§best practice model for e-learning. This covers:§material design and quality of a system to deliver§learning; the system s ability to adjust to user§performance; quality of learning and teaching with§the advice on good facilitative practices and last§but not least the usability of the system.


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