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Protection of Geographical Indications

Makafu:Protection of Geographical Indic
Autor: Kennedy Makafu
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Blurb Geographical Indications (GIs) are among other Intellectual Property Rights recognised by the WTO. Currently, there is the negotiation for Economic Partnership Agreement between European Union and East African Community. In the said negotiation, GIs is an area which both partners agreed to negotiate before finalisation of EPA. The author in this work address what should be the benchmark for both parties in deciding whether to incorporate or not to incorporate GIs in the said EPA. Research have been done specifically in the three East African Countries namely Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania and the findings do feature explicitly in this work. In a nutshell, a number of issues have been analysed and recommendations have been given in order to accomplish the said quest.Indeed the work is a reflection of what is the experience of protecting GIs in the EU in comparison with the general understanding of GIs in the EAC member states. Moreover, law relating to GIs at multilateral revel have been taken into consideration in order to ensure compatibilty of EU-EAC laws vis-a-vis WTO law.


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